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Internet Companies

How Credit Card Processing Works:

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are associations which set rates based on individual card types that are issued through the banks.  These rates are published in a document called, "Interchange Dues & Assessments," and are the wholesale rates prior to markup. Merchants cannot control what card a customer gives them for payment, and different cards have different rates. The most transparent way for a merchant to be charged is based on “Interchange Plus Pricing.”  This wholesale rate structure, along with our small proposed markup, will provide you the lowest effective rate in the industry.

Discount Bankcard Processing LLC guarantees the lowest effective rate in the industry.

Discount BankCard Processing LLC offers:

  • Guaranteed Lowest Effective Rates.
  • Zero Day Hold Funding.
  • No Cancellation/Termination Penalties. No Set-Up Fee. No Annual Fee. No Monthly Minimum Fee.
  • No Terminal Reprogramming Fee. No Help Desk Fee.
  • Processing by First Data, one of the world’s largest and most reputable credit card processing organizations.
  • Personalized Consultative Services. 24/7 Support.
  • Specialization in large retail merchants, auto dealerships, and franchises.
  • Wholesale Pricing for POS Hardware, Software, and Gateway Solutions.
  • Assist retail businesses with PCI compliancy and security at no charge.

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